News & Events FCI has supplied equipment, technology, and turn-key operations to the industrial and natural gas industry throughout North America since the 1970's.

  • Natural gas vehicle refueling facilities both for slow and fast vehicle filling.
  • Natural gas vehicles optimized for natural gas fuel and EPA emission standards.
  • Natural gas powered ships and locomotives.
  • Natural gas road transporters for both liquid and compressed gas.
  • Has manufactured and repaired fuel oil trucks and trailers for decades.
  • Is a distributor for Dynetek cylinders, and Almac tanks.

Hydrogen refueling facility compressor supplied and installed by FCI for Ballard Power Fuel Cell Buses.
FCI supplied the hydrogen, the refueling facility and gas storage on board their first hydrogen powered fuel cell bus - the first of its kind in the world!

FCI has been involved in numerous Research and Development Projects including National Resources Canada (NRCan), the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratories (NREL), the U.S. Gas Research Institute, and the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Energy.

FCI has worked as consultants for companies such as Brooklyn Union Gas, B.C. Hydro, Transport Canada, and for countries including Mexico, Columbia, Venezuela, and Argentina, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

FCI developed the first natural gas engine that surpassed the EPAfs Urban Bus Standard for 1994, and was the first and only engine of any type in the world to do so at that time. It outperformed every alternative fuel experimental engine in emissions testing, and established CNG as the front runner in alternative fuel engines for urban buses.

FCI, in conjunction with Volvo of Trollhattan, Sweden, built and demonstrated in the Town of Markham a CNG powered refuse truck utilizing Cumulo brake energy recovery technology, with the vehicle subsequently appearing on The Discovery Channel twice in 1995. FCI installed a natural gas fuelling station in Scarborough, Ontario - in operation since 1985. It is the first commercial refueling facility of this type in Canada, in that it is card accessed, unattended and open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

FCI has demonstrated the viability of the Cumulo brake energy recovery system and CNG power in urban buses in the Town of Markham. This clean air vehicle is in service and delivers roughly double the mileage of an equivalent diesel powered bus, and does so at an equivalent fuel cost of 30% that of diesel. Features of the pictured bus:

  • Reduces the cost of energy by 70%.
  • Reduces the cost of lubricants by 90%.
  • Reduces the cost of brake maintenance by 80%.
  • Reduces noise levels by 60%.
  • Reduces the cost of engine maintenance by 80%.
  • Reduces the global warming effect of CO2 emissions by 57%.
  • Reduces rate of engine wear fall off (from new specifications) by 75%.
  • Virtually eliminates all Particulate Matter emissions, including carcinogenic PM2.5.
  • Reduces tire wear by 20%.

On May 7, 1998 the President of Fiba Canning Inc- Hugh Canning, received the prestigious "Michael Grant Technology Award" presented by Gas Technology Canada. The Michael Grant Technology Award recognizes outstanding contributions that an individual has made to the technical development of the Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) industry.

On June 8, 1998 the President of FIBA Canning Inc. received yet another highly esteemed award - this time the CANMET Technology Transfer Award for "an exceptional and distinguished contribution to technology transfer of benefit to the Alternative Transportation Industry."

On November 24, 1998 FIBA Canning received the Award of Excellence: New Technology Development from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment for their work in Regenerative Brake Technology combined with natural gas power in an urban bus.

FIBA Canning Inc. is a member of the Compressed Gas Association, Ontario Natural Gas Association, Canadian Natural Gas Association, and a standing member of the B149 Committee which is responsible for writing the NGV vehicle and fuelling station codes for Canada.

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